Preparing for spring storms

Preparing for spring storms - Frost Roofing
Preparing for spring storms – Frost Roofing
It’s been a mild winter in many parts of the country, but while the snow will eventually cease as we head into spring, a new weather worry will surface. Between March and June are the prime times for hailstorms and tornados especially in the Midwest and South. Contractors should be ready to alert homeowners on what they can do to prepare. Here are some tips to share with your customers before a storm hits.

Understand your insurance policy. Know what’s covered in the event of a storm and the deductible amounts. Read our blog to learn how to deal with insurance deductibles during hailstorms. Clean the gutters. Remove debris and make sure nothing is clogging the path and that water can run down gutters freely.
Check your roof. Make sure all shingles are properly nailed down. Have a contractor do a roof inspection to spot damage before it could grow worse in a storm.

Trim your trees. Nothing is worse than having a tree fall down on a roof. Help them spot the dangers of having trees too close to a house. Keep trees trimmed and maintained.

Maintain your property. Keep flying debris to a minimum by making sure your property doesn’t have anything that can propel and damage the house or roof.

Secure heavy furniture around your house. Before a storm, it’s best to tie down or move patio furniture indoors to keep them from flying and hurting the house or worse.

Put together an emergency kit for your home and car. Include water, non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, blanket, first aid kid, cell phone and copies of important documents.

Keep informed about the weather and have a safety plan. 

If you do have hail, wind, or rain damage call Frost Roofs to help repair any damage you may have.