Filing an Insurance Claim, Let Frost Roofing Help

Whether your roof is damaged by a storm, a fallen tree branch or flying object, you’re going to need to repair it. Even damage that doesn’t cause a leak right away should be fixed to prevent further damage in the future. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it; that’s why you purchase homeowner’s insurance.

Before you do anything, consider these 9 steps to filing an insurance claim.

1. Get your insurance documents in order and check to see if you’re covered. Review your deductible, too, so you’ll have a realistic idea of what it will cost and whether it’s worthwhile to file a claim.

2. Take pictures of the damage to your roof, and to any interior damage that accompanies it. This begins the documentation you need to file a claim. Make note of the date of the incident, particularly if the damage is caused by a storm.

3. Inspect the rest of your property to determine what else has been affected – cars, siding, windows and doors, driveway, fence, etc.

4. Contact your agent immediately. Many policies include a specific time frame for you to make a claim. The sooner you start the process, the better. Your agent is a good source of information about how to file the claim and what to do in the interim.

5. “Call and meet with a licensed and bonded roofing company that has a good reputation,” advises Gabe Frost, owner of Frost Roofing in Indiana. Ask them for written estimates on the cost of replacing your roof, and to indicate whether the roof needs total replacement.

6. Save the receipts for any temporary repairs you need to make in order to continue living in your house, or for any costs incurred from moving out of your house before the roof repairs are complete.

7. Follow the procedures outlined in your policy and file the claim as soon as possible. Provide all the information your insurance company requires. Don’t forget to include contractor estimates for any interior repairs you might need.

8. Arrange for an insurance adjustor to inspect the damage. “A good roofing company will accompany the adjustor and work with him on the assessment,” says Total Roofing’s Scott McIntyre.

9. Once your claim is approved, have the roof repaired or replaced immediately. You don’t want to wait and allow the next storm to cause further damage to a house with a roof that can’t properly protect it.

If you’ve suffered storm or accident damage to your roof, Total Roofing can help. To schedule a roof inspection or for more information, visit or call +1 (855) 853-7678 today.