How Often Should I Replace My Roof?

A roof over our heads provides us with a sense of security and shelter. For most of us, our home is the largest investment we will ever make. The best way to protect that investment and increase its value is to ensure that the roof is in good condition. All roofs should be inspected twice […]

Filing an Insurance Claim, Let Frost Roofing Help

Whether your roof is damaged by a storm, a fallen tree branch or flying object, you’re going to need to repair it. Even damage that doesn’t cause a leak right away should be fixed to prevent further damage in the future. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it; that’s why you purchase […]

Why You Should Replace Your Gutters…

Home guttering systems are sturdier than they might appear at first glance. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, gutters made of galvanized steel or aluminum usually last for about two decades, and copper gutters tend to hold their own for about half a century. But these time periods may not account for problems like […]

Signs You Need a New Roof

Most homeowners figure they need a new roof after they spot a leak in their ceiling. This leak could be due to many different roofing problems. But, what factors really determine whether a roof repair will solve the problem or the house needs a roof replacement? Here are some tips to help you determine if you […]

Tips for Replacing your Gutters

I’ve seen homeowners spend weeks agonizing over which shingle color and texture is best for their new roof. Then, after going to all this effort, they simply leave it to the roofing company to install any old piece-of-junk gutters. Since rain gutters and downspouts can be even more conspicuous than the roof itself, you should […]

Why you Need a Metal Roof

When it comes time to replace your roof, metal roofing is always a viable option. It is ideal for homes that have either a flat or steep roofline and it offers durability that is hard to match. When you are choosing between metal roofing and other types, you should be fully aware of what you […]

Upgrades to Consider when Re-Roofing your home.

Re-roofing your home is not the most glamorous of home improvements. You’ll note that HGTV shows rarely even mention the roof. Unlike decks, kitchens, and baths, the roof is not really something you’d invite your friends over to admire. But re-roofing does present some appealing opportunities for the homeowner who wants to reduce maintenance and […]

Be ready for Spring Weather…

With Monday the official start of spring, the National Weather Service says Southern Indiana region is in store for a routine round of seasonal storms, but the agency and emergency officials both say the public must still be aware of the potential weather threats and be prepared for emergency situations. “We expect showers and thunderstorms, of […]

Why You Should Hire a Roofing Contractor Instead of Doing it Yourself

Cassie Costner Fixing your roof can be a difficult, tedious, and downright dangerous job. Before you watch a few YouTube videos, buy the material, and set to work, think through the disadvantages of redoing the shingles on your own roof. In some cases, turning this into your own project may have more benefits than hiring […]

Preparing for spring storms

It’s been a mild winter in many parts of the country, but while the snow will eventually cease as we head into spring, a new weather worry will surface. Between March and June are the prime times for hailstorms and tornados especially in the Midwest and South. Contractors should be ready to alert homeowners on […]